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Nim Collection

Bukit Sembawang Estates Limited comissioned VMW Group for three areas in their marketing campaign for Nim Collection, a mixture of refreshing and unique methods were applied in this project.

Virtual Reality showsuite

360 IPM VR content integrated into the website by blanct with custom programming. 

Engaging and in realistic scale, this content is easily accesible on mobile phones and it is compatible with most VR accesories and hardware. Users will be able to select settings based on the device and hardware they own within the immersive VR setting itself.

Bring the showsuite every where and any time in your palm. 

Responsive webpage

Custom real estate web design and programming by the team at blanct.

An appealing UI design for various platforms. Visitors could easily navigate and retrieve the information and visuals they want to know and see of Nim Collection.


The Locale