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Guoco Midtown

Guocoland's latest mixed-use development in the Beach Road district. With VMW Group's experience in real estate marketing campaigns, our team was able to create the marketing collateral Guocoland required to empower the promotion of Guoco Midtown.

Interview video

Interview video by Attic Films featuring key personel behind Guoco Midtown.

Different types of footage and creative camera angles were used to ensure that the themes and creative direction of the video stand strong throughout.

With support from our other entitties, Attic Films also worked on the marketing video for Midtown Bay, Guoco Midtown's exclusive residences.

Being a mixed-use development, there was a challenge in curating the video content and making sure that there was a balance in showing the commercial space and the unique selling points of the residences.

Residential marketing video

Midtown Bay

Campaign artwork

Main campaign visualizations by Visualmediaworks for Guoco Midtown and Midtown Bay. 

The Locale