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Central Boulevard Towers

Central Boulevard Towers developed by IOI Properties, the gleaming new office landmark, a perfect address for ambition.

Marketing video

Attic Films and Visualmediaworks as part of VMW Group are proud to work on and present this marketing video.

The creative team from Attic Films managed to handle this entire production from storyboards to production, even voice over narration and compositing CG assets developed by VMW. Last but not least as well as the motion graphics elements in this marketing video.

Custom interactive media & web design

Developed and designed by the team in blanct, a full interactive design and branding team part of VMW Group.

Standing out from other generic webpages out there with unique elements like 360 IPMs and customized animations able to be built to client's requirements.

Check out more of blanct's work here.

Campaign artwork

Main campaign visualizations by Visualmediaworks with over 20 years of experience in real estate and commercial multimedia content.

The Locale