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One of VMW Group's most extensive projects. The creative team was involved in very major and crucial elements in the entire marketing campaign of CapitaSpring. A one of a kind turnkey project for CapitaLand.

Complete showroom design

Envelope Architects, partners of VMW Group worked closely with CapitaLand and designed the entire showroom without deviating from the original vision of the architects' design of CapitaSpring. This included custom furniture which was designed and then placed in the showroom for guests.

Interactive physical model

An interactive physical model of CapitaSpringcan be controlled by users with a custom programmed iPad. Different areas on the model can be selected which would then light up and the relevant content reflected on the large LED screen behind.

Interactive projection mapping

Specially calibrated projectors ensure that content is properly reflected as intended on the physical model. 

360 Projection pod

The opening introduction for CapitaSpring, an eight projector setup for an impressive and immersive all-round unqiue experience.

Custom brochure & print

Designed and produced  by blanct, with supporting visuals from Visualmediaworks.

Interactive touch screen

Interactive touch screen media for CapitaSpring. The UI and UX was designed and proposed by blanct.

A clear cut way to present floor plans and other standout features also an extremely handy and customizable presentation tool for CapitaLand to both potential clients or investors.

Custom webpage design

A unique design on the home page with a fully interactable 3D model of CapitaSpring. This web page is designed to work together with the interactive touch screen media. Responsive design for multiple platforms and devices in this current age.

Marketing video production

Complete marketing video directed and produced by the crew from Attic Films Singapore which included the creative direction, interview shoots, drone and time lapse footage as well as blending of CG elements with live video.

Unique amenities and surrounding features of CapitaSpring were also shot and composed into the final video by Attic Films with motion graphics amongst other various videography techniques.

CG artwork

The Locale