Frasers Tower

Interactive media

A custom made interactive media that runs across multiple platforms was developed by blanct.

The user interface and transitions were designed and programmed to give users the best and most informative experience out of it. The great navigation flow allowed users to easily reach the information they want about the development.

Leasing gallery design

VMW Group collaborated closely with our partner, Envelope Architects, the gallery is designed with green spaces, large format prints and interactive panels.

The leasing gallery is designed with green spaces in mind as well as to accomodate large format prints and interactive panels. The marketing video is projected on the curved surface inside the pavilion in the middle of the gallery.

Marketing video

Jointly produced by Attic Films and Visualmediaworks. A combination of live footage and CG elemets coming together in one video that highlights the main features of the development.

Camera angles and shoot locations were specifically chosen and curated. The video was projected on a curved wall for potential clients at the show suite.


The Locale.